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amoba is a little game about finding a friend like you to hang out with.

guide your lil veggia ba out into the world and retrieve the ingredients to find friendship.

good luck!!

amoba ends when you get the congratulations message. there are two files included - one for the standalone if you already have the RPGMaker 2003 Runtime Package (or RTP) - and one with the RTP included with it, which means even if you don't have it you can just download it and play. Contact me if you run into any issues, and leave a comment if you have any feedback or just wanna talk! <3


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Amoba (Standalone).zip 34 MB
Amoba (RTP).zip 48 MB


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this game is a bit confusing but really cute! i love the different environments and the creatures that populate it! i wasn't really able to understand what i had to do but i did collect all the sparkles? and got a friend that followed me! that was really cute :3


aaa thank you so much!! Im glad you liked it, aha. you beat the game!! i made it in eight hours so i didn't really include a win message, but you found all the sparkles and found a friend, so you got everything you could in the game. c:

ah awesome!!! no shame in not getting everything stuff finished!!! i did read the game description but i guess i didn't understand it too much oops sorry! i really enjoyed the game!!! i really love what you're doing with rpg maker! i rly wanna experiment and make a rpg maker game one of these days! your games are giving me a lot of inspiration :3


thank you so much! im glad it's giving you inspiration, thats super cool to hear <3 <3

it looks really cute but i cant seem to play it snce there isnt any version that support windows :((

Heyo! I'm glad you think it's cute, aha. I think I might know what your issue is, however. I have a Windows 10 computer and I built the game on it, so it should have Windows support theoretically. Did you download the RTP version or the non-RTP version?

i finally manage to download the game today and got around to playing it. very cute indeed! and it kinda has a hint of yume nikki for me. its a little shorrt but i still like it very much. i have been strungling to create my own tilesets and since youre able to pull it off so well, can you give me any tips?

hi!!! wow, im so sorry i never replied to you!! If you want to ever talk about tiles with me, you can shoot me a dm on twitter at @punkittboy c: