A downloadable apocaventure

Apoclueless is a game about the end of the world. Except...everything looks fine, apparently. More importantly, though, your Scutterbug got out while you were sleeping! Journey across the great desert to locate your pet and get down to the bottom of this.


Made for the WWU Game Jam! The theme was "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here." This was done solo but I got a lot of practice in and I'm real happy about how the demo turned out!


This comes with two files; If you have the RPGMaker VX ACE RTP (downloadable on their website) then the game will run just fine. Grab the smaller file labeled "Apoclueless Demo (No RTP)". If you don't have the RTP, grab the bigger file labeled "Apoclueless Demo (RTP)". That includes the RTP with the game so you don't need to bother downloading it. It shoooould run just fine. Make sure you have the Pixelade font installed beforehand. Have fun!

GenreRole Playing
Average sessionA few minutes


Apoclueless No RTP.zip 86 MB
Apoclueless RTP.zip 272 MB


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aw sad i couldnt find Scutterbug but this was fun! the robots.... are kind of ominous but rather silly ha ha :P


oh yeah he's uh...not in it yet woops!! I'm gonna update it sometime that you can find him c:

!!!!!! guarantee i will 100% replay!!!


heeeeck yeah